Not only does this vegetable taste so good but it promotes healing. The kitchen reeks of the smell of garlic.

Let’s talk about the benefits of it and its supplements. It adds mouthwatering flavor to endless recipes, but it’s also said to promote good health. Garlic has been used as a healing remedy for centuries its been recorded that the ancient Greek temples used garlic to help fight diseases and heal people.

It is safe to say they probably didn’t have many stores or much money back then. Even though folk tales say they use to stash rubies and gold in those temples, it’s safe to say they probably grew their own vegetable.

We can cut up garlic leaves and fry them in olive oil or put them in our favorite salad. We can chop up the garlic bulb and put it in almost every other dish. Though more research is needed it’s been acknowledged by doctors to help keep our cholesterol levels down due to its bioactive compounds of Allicin which are thought to be its main contributor.

“Allicin” is the ingredient that gives garlic that strong taste and smell. It’s also been written that it’s the Ingredient that has anti-bacterial and anti-fungal elements, which help fight infections. The benefits are phenomenal and the zen-like energy that you get from planting is not only relaxing but really allows you that energetic opportunity to connect with the Earth.

Tips On Growing Garlic:

Different people have many different ways but you can plant garlic at home just from a clove, in mid – October or you can buy “seed” garlic from the farmers market or online.

It’s an easy crop to grow at home just as long as the timing is right with enough sunlight. Garlic needs a comfortable climate without too much rain or water. When the stalks of the plant uncurl and start the stand up straight and almost half the leaves are turning brown, It’s harvest Time.

You would think they’re dying, but they’re not,  they’re getting ready to harvest. You can use a shovel or a fork to pull the plants out of the ground but don’t snatch them, you wouldn’t want to disturb the Earth. Knock off the dirt then easily grab the bulb.

If the bulbs are too wet because of recent rain just lay them out for a couple of days in a cool dry area like a covered porch.

Don’t wash them or trim the stalk until they “cure” for at least two weeks and store them in a cool, dry place. Don’t put them in the refrigerator or any moist area, this helps them last longer and gives you more time to take advantage of all the great benefits garlic offers.

Source: Diaspora News Guide – Jett Cloud


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