The world’s largest search engine has initiated the removal of inactive accounts from its platform. Google, in an earlier announcement this year, disclosed its plan to delete inactive accounts according to its policy.

As outlined in the accounts policy, Google considers an account inactive if it has not been in use for two years. This process involves the deletion of files stored in Google Photos and Drive associated with the inactive account.

To maintain an active Google Account, engagement in various activities is essential. These activities include reading or sending emails, watching a YouTube video, downloading an app, sharing a photo, using Google Search, utilizing Google Drive, and employing the sign-in with Google feature to access third-party apps or services.

If an account has remained inactive for two years without any of the specified activities, Google will contact the account holder with instructions on how to preserve their account. The mass deletion of inactive Google accounts began on December 1, 2023, and is set to occur in phases. It’s important to note that accounts with YouTube videos and premium accounts will be exempt from deletion.

As Google takes this step towards account maintenance, users are encouraged to ensure their accounts remain active by participating in the specified activities outlined in the company’s policy. This move aligns with Google’s commitment to user engagement and the responsible management of its digital ecosystem.

By: Noel Nortei


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