Organizers of the Golden Movie Awards have announced that they are giving up due to a lack of support from major sponsors after seven years of its existence.

In a statement on social media, the CEO of Golden Movie Awards, Mimi Andani Micheals revealed that their biggest support has come from industry players, jury members, and individual donors, with few companies stepping in to sponsor once or twice.

“We invested in the industry for 7yrs and there has been close to zero support with ‘SPONSORSHIP’,” she lamented

Despite their efforts, there has been no major support to take even half of the cost for the past seven years.

The lack of support has caused investors to withdraw their funding, and the event will no longer be organized.

“Apart from a few companies who sponsored once or twice with their products @starbeer_gh (Not Cash) and @maltaguinnessgh Guinness with a small amount (we appreciate), there has not been any major support to at least take half our cost for 7yrs,” she disclosed

The organizers expressed their appreciation to the actors, directors, producers, and film lovers who have been their biggest support and motivation over the years.

She also thanked those who made individual donations, such as HRH Oscar Yao Doe and Faddick, for their efforts in supporting the industry.

“We appreciate individuals like @hrhoscaryaodoe who donated and supported our nominee announcement in Ivory Coast and @faddick who donated to the scheme once, but how long could we go asking for donations from individuals who just did their best to support but have other responsibilities too?” she quizzed

The announcement has come as a disappointment to many who believed in the Ghana Movie Awards and saw it as an opportunity to put the country on the map through the film awards.

However, the organizers emphasized the need to re-strategize and focus on other events that will be more sustainable in the long run.

The Golden Movie Awards attracted participants from several African countries, including Nigeria, Ivory Coast, Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, Sierra Leone, and Morocco, but the absence of financial support from companies has led to its demise.


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