Brand Focus Africa Magazine and SBF Africa are proud to announce the upcoming Ghana Quality Healthcare Awards 2023.

This prestigious event aims to recognize and honor the outstanding contributions of healthcare practitioners and institutions in Ghana.

The Ghana Quality Healthcare Awards 2023 will shine a spotlight on the expert delivery of quality care by frontline professionals and celebrate the remarkable achievements of healthcare and pharmaceutical institutions across the country. The event will bring together key stakeholders, including private medical centers, dental practices, cosmetic surgery clinics, health insurers, equipment suppliers, healthcare consultants, and technology companies.

In addition to recognizing excellence in healthcare, the event will also unveil the Business Integrity & Healthcare Issue of Brand Focus Africa Magazine, further highlighting the importance of integrity in the healthcare industry.

“We are excited to host the Ghana Quality Healthcare Awards 2023, which will serve as a platform to showcase the exceptional work being done by healthcare professionals and institutions in Ghana,” -Mrs. Rhema Afi Damoah (Executive Director, SBF Africa). “By recognizing and celebrating their achievements, we hope to inspire further advancements in the healthcare and pharmaceutical sectors.”

The Ghana Quality Healthcare Awards 2023 will be held in conjunction with the Ghana Business Integrity Awards 2023, creating a unique opportunity for networking and collaboration among industry leaders.

The awards ceremony is scheduled for Friday, September 22nd, 2023, at the La-Palm Royal Beach Hotel, Accra, commencing at 7 p.m. Esteemed members of the business community, government officials, industry experts, and key stakeholders will grace the event.

Beyond honoring the achievements of the awardees, this gala will provide a platform to facilitate knowledge sharing, idea exchange, and collaborative networking among industry leaders.

About SBF Africa:

SBF Africa stands as an exceptional B2B event and media powerhouse. Renowned for excellence in event planning, event consultancy services, event marketing, and corporate branding, SBF Africa is a premier corporate events management company and advertising firm.

About Brand Focus Africa Magazine:

Brand Focus Africa Magazine (Inspiration & Impact Issue) holds the distinction of being Africa’s premier brands magazine, registered under the National Media Commission Act. Published quarterly, it offers insight into brand marketing, technology, innovation, leadership, strategy, and expert opinions on brand growth, labor, and national development, catering to corporate Ghana and beyond.


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