The Ghana National Petroleum Tanker Drivers Union, in conjunction with the Liquified Petroleum Gas Drivers (L.P.G), has announced their intention to stage an industrial strike, demanding immediate action to address the deteriorating state of roads in key petroleum enclaves such as Tema, Takoradi, Kumasi, and Buipe.

George Nyaunu, the National Chairman of the Tanker Drivers Union, expressed frustration over the government’s lack of response to their longstanding appeals for road rehabilitation.

“Despite our continuous efforts to engage with the government, our concerns regarding these roads have been ignored. Regrettably, we are left with no choice but to commence a strike action effective from Monday, June 26, 2023,” Nyaunu declared. “During this period, our members will refuse to transport any petroleum products from the affected enclaves.”

Nyaunu emphasized that the strike’s objective is to draw attention to the urgent need for repair work on the “deplorable roads” in the petroleum enclaves.

He stressed the safety hazards posed by these dilapidated roadways, citing previous incidents where trucks carrying solid goods have toppled over. “If such an accident were to involve a petroleum tanker, the consequences would be catastrophic,” Nyaunu warned.

The detrimental impact of poor road conditions extends beyond safety concerns. Nyaunu highlighted the toll it has taken on the physical health and overall well-being of the drivers. He explained, “As drivers, we are greatly affected by these conditions, and continuous exposure to such roads has adversely affected our physical and mental health. This cannot be allowed to persist.”

The Tanker Drivers Union issued a stern warning that the strike will persist until the authorities provide a firm commitment to a specific timeline for the repair of roads in the petroleum enclaves. They believe that once the strike begins to disrupt the supply of petroleum products nationwide, the relevant authorities will be compelled to take immediate action.

The impending strike has raised concerns among industry stakeholders, who fear the potential consequences of a disrupted fuel supply.

It is hoped that the authorities will promptly address the demands of the Tanker Drivers Union and work towards a swift resolution to avert any potential disruptions in the petroleum distribution network.


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