The Ghana Electoral Commission’s chair, Jean Mensa, has emphasized that the electoral body’s proposed constitutional amendment, which would make the Ghana Card the only form of voter registration, is not intended to deny Ghanaians the right to vote.

Speaking to the media on Friday at the EC’s headquarters, Jean Mensa revealed that the Commission is not interested in maintaining the guarantor system, which she claimed has outlived its purpose. As a result, the Ghana card has been chosen as the only form of identity for voting.

The usage of the Ghana Card, according to Jean Mensa, is the safest approach to guarantee the accuracy of Ghana’s electoral roll.

We do not plan to reinstate the guarantor system with reference to the CI that is currently before Parliament because we do not have adopted a system to allow those without proper identification to register when we first started this journey thirty years ago, but now that we have the Ghana Card, we must rely on it because it is the most reliable way to guarantee the integrity of our register.

She said that the proposed CI, which is presently being debated in Parliament, was motivated by the Commission’s desire to “conduct credible, transparent, fair, and peaceful elections,” which was developed out of the problems the Commission encountered during the registration process.


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