Minority Leader, Dr. Cassiel Ato Forson has served notice to the Akufo Addo-led government to get ready for a showdown if its upcoming budget does not prioritize the needs of Ghanaians.

Giving opening remarks at the commencement of the third meeting of the third session of the eighth parliament of the fourth republic on Tuesday, October 31, 2023, the Minority Caucus said is particularly poised to be back to parliamentary duties given that this is the budget meeting.

“Let me assure the good people of Ghana that we will scrutinize the upcoming Budget Statement and Economic Policy of Government with eagle eyes” he emphatically stated

Dr. Cassiel Ato Forson lamented that the prevailing economic conditions have already made it very difficult for ordinary Ghanaians and businesses and therefore they can’t be a party to any policy or measure that makes things even more unbearable for the already suffering Ghanaians and businesses.

“Mr Speaker, let me be blunt; the upcoming budget statement will encounter resistance if it does not prioritize the needs of people and businesses. That is our bottom line. So, if the government knows that its upcoming budget does not prioritize the needs of the people, then they should get ready for a SHOWDOWN!” he stressed

He went on to say that the Minority Caucus, has not forgotten the cry of the people of Ghana; and have held the government accountable and exposed its sins, and wants to assure the people of Ghana that they will continue to do so.

“We are tired of seeing many young professionals leave our shores in droves because they find no opportunities in our dear country as a result of the harsh Economic Conditions, poor governance, and corruption.

Mr Speaker, the position taken by the Minority Caucus is not intended to frustrate the government; far from that. We have taken the position to be on the side of the people of Ghana as we have done in the life of this Parliament.”

By: Mary Quartey


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