Gabriel Buertey Narh, a form one student with a disability at Ghanata Senior High School in Dodowa, was on the brink of dropping out due to accessibility and financial challenges.

However, a ray of hope emerged as reports of Gabriel’s struggles caught the attention of the Breaking Barriers Campaign. Led by its dedicated patron, Dr. Augustina Naami, the campaign swiftly took action to address Gabriel’s plight.

Upon learning of Gabriel’s difficulties navigating his school environment, Dr. Naami, driven by her personal experiences during her own secondary education, sprang into action. Recounting her own challenges of resorting to makeshift facilities due to inaccessible washrooms during her school years, Dr. Naami was determined to prevent Gabriel from enduring similar hardships. With unwavering resolve, she spearheaded the construction of three wheelchair ramps, ensuring Gabriel’s seamless access to his classroom, dining hall, and washroom.

Dr. Augustina Naami, remarked, “My heart sank when I read Gabriel’s story in the news. I faced similar obstacles during my time in secondary school. I had to resort to using bushy areas for essential facilities because of inaccessible infrastructure. Gabriel’s situation struck a chord with me, prompting me to act swiftly.” Dr. Naami further appealed to corporate entities, NGOs, and individuals to rally behind the Breaking Barriers Campaign, emphasizing the urgent need to create a barrier-free environment for persons with disabilities in the community.

For Gabriel, the assistance provided by Dr. Naami and the Breaking Barriers Campaign breathed new life into his aspirations. Grateful for the support, Gabriel expressed his heartfelt thanks to Dr. Naami and conveyed his determination to pursue his dream of becoming a lawyer. Similarly, Gabriel’s mother shared in the joy of her son’s newfound opportunities and appealed to the public for continued financial assistance to support Gabriel’s education.

THE BREAKING THE BARRIERS CAMPAIGN GOAL: Barrier-Free Environment for Persons with Disabilities

Dr. Augustina Naami, a distinguished senior lecturer and the Head of the Department of Social Work at the University of Ghana Legon, is leading a transformative initiative with the Breaking Barriers campaign. Focused on the creation of a barrier-free environment for persons with disabilities, Dr. Naami’s campaign is rooted in extensive research conducted in 2018, revealing the profound impact of access barriers on the socio-economic, political participation, and psychological well-being of individuals with disabilities.


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