Former Chief Justice Sophia A.B. Akuffo has recommended that Ghana redirect funds earmarked for Independence Day parades toward building infrastructure for underdeveloped communities.

Akuffo believes that the best way to observe the day is to build lasting memorials for present and future generations, rather than just holding parades in various districts and regions.

Speaking at a public lecture organized by the University of Ghana on Ghana’s 66th Independence, Akuffo suggested rotating independence day projects in the regions and districts, such as building new schools or hospitals and naming them “Independence school” or “Independence hospital.”

According to Akuffo, “Every year, we pick a region; we pick a project and do it—I think it will be money better spent if it is to be spent at all.

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This will inure to the benefit of the people directly and it will also last.” This year’s national Independence Day parade will be hosted in the Volta Regional capital, Ho, at the Ho Youth Resource Centre, which is currently being expanded from a 5,000 to a 10,000-capacity center.


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