Nkwatia Presby Senior High School second-year student named Diana reportedly suffered partial blindness following a slap from the Headmaster.

The incident unfolded when Diana, who had permission to leave campus, was confronted by the Headmaster for allegedly leaving without an exeat.

According to sources, Diana attempted to explain her situation to the Headmaster, but her pleas fell on deaf ears. Instead, she was subjected to a punishment that involved kneeling for an extended period. Even when she disclosed her ill health, the Headmaster’s response was allegedly callous, stating that he would resort to corporal punishment to improve her condition.

The situation escalated when Diana inadvertently held the Headmaster’s cane as he was about to administer the lash.

Enraged by this, the Headmaster reportedly struck her with a forceful slap, followed by further physical abuse.

The consequences of this altercation turned dire as Diana’s eyesight was compromised, with reports suggesting partial blindness. The incident has sparked outrage within the school community and beyond, shedding light on the need for addressing discipline and conflict resolution within educational institutions.

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Local authorities are investigating the matter, and concerned individuals are calling for appropriate actions to be taken against the Headmaster, ensuring justice for Diana and preventing such incidents from occurring in the future.


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