A Popular content creator and on-air-personality, Nedu has said that girls who belong to the choir should be feared. He said this during a chat on Naija FM’s ‘Across the Bridge’.

The thespian argued that they are sometimes not the ‘godly’ girls people see them as. The comedian narrated his experience with a girl in a choir and how his friend discouraged him from engaging her based on her ‘ungodly’ activities during night rehearsals.

Nedu, who spoke in Pidgin English, said, “I say I have been wan engage the girl. E say why? Say him just gimme make I chop naw. Naim I say no o! Say the girl na virgin e never chop… E shout! E say which virgin? E say sometimes make we no shout so that people wey dey outside no go hear.”

He continued, “E say sometimes, say dem go dey all night rehearsal, those our all night rehearsals. Say dem go dey stage. Say the girl, e get one guy wey dey always follow back come see the girl. Say the girl, dem go dey for that sound side for back, back. “

He also talked about the activities of the said girl and how his friend proved she was not a virgin.

Nedu confirmed he didn’t know much about the girl but was discouraged by stories he heard about the girl.

“My brother, fear every girl wey dey choir. Hmmm…eh! No!! Every girl wey dey choir, fear them. But some are wonderful. No, but there are sisters that are very very wonderful.”

When asked by one of the hosts if ‘sisters’ are the only ones to be feared, he said, “Brothers are worst.”

Source: vanguardngr


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