John Dramani Mahama has proposed a solution to address the issue of unemployment among health workers, particularly nurses, by exploring opportunities for their employment abroad.

During his recent visit to the Savannah Region, Mahama discussed strategies to tackle unemployment among healthcare professionals, highlighting the importance of finding employment opportunities for nurses upon completion of their training.

In his proposal, Mahama suggested the establishment of a dedicated unit within the Ministry of Employment tasked with recruiting nurses who meet the necessary qualifications for overseas employment. This unit would facilitate agreements with other countries to deploy Ghanaian nurses on fixed-term contracts.

“We want to increase the production of health workers and nurses and we will employ them to work for us as many as we can but at the same time, we will sign agreements with other countries where we can post our nurses to go and work on fixed contracts.

“So under the Ministry of Employment, we will have a unit that can recruit nurses and make sure they are of the standard that can work in international hospitals.”

The proposal aims to provide employment opportunities for nurses while also addressing the shortage of healthcare professionals in other countries. By leveraging international partnerships, Mahama seeks to create avenues for skilled nurses to contribute to healthcare systems globally while also benefiting from gainful employment.

Source: graphic online


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