The Electricity Company(ECG) of Ghana has advised prepaid users to purchase enough electricity credits that would carry them through the Christmas and new year since they won’t be available.

“Prepaid customers are advised to purchase enough electricity credits to carry them through the Christmas and New Year holidays,” the company stated in a recent announcement.

This precautionary measure aims to ensure uninterrupted power supply during gatherings, celebrations, and essential holiday activities.

Customers can top up their prepaid meters through various channels, including the ECG Mobile App, the *226# shortcode, and authorized vending points. This digital infrastructure guarantees access to electricity even during the office closures, allowing customers to manage their power needs during the festive period.

The announcement serves as a reminder of the critical role ECG plays in powering Ghanaian homes and businesses.

As families celebrate and communities rejoice, reliable electricity plays a vital role in creating a positive and festive atmosphere. ECG’s advice highlights its commitment to ensuring a smooth and enjoyable holiday season for all Ghanaians.

With this timely alert, ECG empowers its customers to take control of their power consumption and avoid holiday inconveniences.

Electricity tariffs saw a downward adjustment of 1.52% in November, following three consecutive adjustments in all three quarters this year.

Reasons for the past increases were the cedi/US dollar exchange rate, inflation, electricity generation mix, and the weighted average cost of natural gas (WACOG).


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