As Christmas unfolds, Ghanaians are not just preparing for festivities, but also welcoming the world to experience the rich cultural tapestry, warm hospitality, vibrant music, and delectable cuisine the country has to offer.

For Ghanaians and the younger generation, it’s more than just Christmas – it’s a Detty December!

Driven by initiatives such as the Year of Return and Beyond The Return, Ghana has witnessed a remarkable surge in tourism during the month of December. International arrivals in December 2021 totaled 84,965, and in 2022, this figure soared to 105,214, reflecting an impressive growth rate of 24%.

According to the Ghana Tourism Report, tourists spent an average of 14 nights in the country in 2022, contributing to a total expenditure of $10.6 million.

As the holiday season approaches in 2023, expectations are high, with projections indicating that over 100,000 visitors will flock to Ghana for this year’s Detty December. The Ghana Tourism Authority (GTA) has endorsed a vibrant events calendar titled “December in Ghana,” featuring nearly 100 diverse events scheduled from December through January 2024.

Highlighted events in the calendar include:

Retro Rewind – 21st December
Rhythm Unplugged – 21st December
Bhim Concert – 22nd December
The Nirvana Experience – 22nd December
The Youth Connect – 22nd December (Kumasi)
The Intro (Efya) – 23rd December
Black Star Concert – 23rd December
Around the World – 24th – 26th December
Rapperholic – 25th December
Promiseland – 26th December
The Bloombar Day Party – 26th December
Detty Rave – 27th December
Wildaland – 26-27th December
Afro Future – 28-29th December
Legacy Nite – 29th December
Wanderlust – 29th December
Uniland – 29th – 30th December
Count Down Africa – 31st December

But what is Detty December? Originally, the term Detty December emerged from Nigeria. Some argue that it existed after the 2004 Calabar Carnival in Cross Rivers in southeastern Nigeria. Others believe that It could also have come from the pulse of nightlife in Lagos.

But really, the term Detty December was popularised by Afrobeat artist Mr Eazi. In 2016, Mr Eazi released a track titled “Detty Yasef” which was popular across Ghana and Nigeria. The following year, in 2017, Mr Eazi headlined his “Detty Rave” concert in December, which was hashtagged Detty December, which he defined as meaning “have fun and chop life.”


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