The rank and file of Volta NPP led by the regional and constituency executives of all the 17 constituencies of the region led by the Regional Chairman, Makafui Kofi Woanya have unanimously declared their unflinching support for the candidature of John Boadu, who is contesting for the General Secretary position of the party.

The executives averred that the NPP cannot have a better General Secretary than John Boadu in view of his unbeatable political experience having worked at all levels of the party with ginormous distinction and proven track record.

Rewarding him with the position of General Secretary once again is the very least the party’s delegates can do to honour him, the executives intimated.

Led by the Volta Regional Chairman, Makafui Kofi Woanya, John Boadu and his campaign team were taken round the various constituencies in the region to interact with the executives on his message of grassroots empowerment and strengthening party structure and also to assess the current state of the party in each constituency.

Speaking on behalf of the regional party and in justifying why Volta NPP is going all out for John Boadu, the regional chairman touted JB’s political experience by chronicling some of the positions he’s held in the party. With these, he stated emphatically that no one in the NPP currently, has had the rare privilege of serving the party in almost all capacities than John Boadu.

NPP volta rank members endorsed John Boadu
NPP volta rank members endorsed John

On their part, the executives of each of the 26 constituencies pledged to give John Boadu an overwhelming endorsement. They added that, they do not know the gentleman contesting John Boadu though he claims to be a member of Volta Region NPP.


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