The Consumer Protection Agency (CPA) has recently uncovered an unlawful practice conducted by British Airways (BA) and Standard Chartered Bank, involving the imposition of a $50 charge for cash payments made at their branches.

This revelation has raised concerns among passengers and regulatory authorities, leading to calls for an immediate cessation of this illicit practice.

According to the CPA’s investigation, British Airways has instructed Standard Chartered Bank to impose this exorbitant surcharge on customers who opt to pay for their airline tickets in cash at the bank’s branches. This additional fee, which has been deemed illegal, is being imposed on top of the regular fare for ticket reservations.

“We are deeply troubled by British Airways’ involvement in this unauthorized practice, which unfairly burdens passengers with an extra financial burden,” stated in a press release copied to Ghana News Guide. “We urge British Airways to cease this practice immediately and rectify the situation for affected customers.”

The CPA is determined to protect the rights of consumers and has taken proactive steps to assist those who have already been subjected to this illegal charge. Passengers who have paid the unauthorized $50 fee to Standard Chartered Bank are encouraged to contact the Consumer Protection Agency for assistance in obtaining a refund. Affected individuals can reach out to the CPA via email at or by calling the hotline numbers: 0302737205 or 0268150309.

The Consumer Protection Agency will work diligently to ensure that British Airways and Standard Chartered Bank are held accountable for their actions and that affected passengers are duly compensated. Consumers are advised to remain vigilant and report any similar incidents to the CPA for further investigation.


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