A page in a class 4 history textbook approved by the National Council for Curriculum and Assessment (NaCCA), which blames Christianity for the high level of poverty in Ghana among other things has sparked angry reactions, with calls for the authors to be punished.

The book entitled History of Ghana for Basic Schools was authored by Francis Benjamin Appiah and Henry David Appiah.

The page of the book in contention talks about the negative effects of Christian missionary activities, with claims that the religion has caused physical and doctrinal disputes in Ghana.

Read the page below;

Responding to the concerns about the controversial opinion in the book, the Deputy Spokesperson for the Ministry of Education, Yaw Opoku Mensah JoyNews that the book in question was not the official one approved by the NaCCA

According to him, the approved version of the book did not have the section in question.


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However, the Executive Director of the Institute for Education Studies (IFEST), Dr Peter Anti challenged Opoku Mensah’s assertion.

“There is a published document of about 66 pages that lists all the books that have been approved by NaCCA and this document is there. It’s on page 56, so this book is approved,” myjoyonline.com quotes him as saying.

He called the blacklisting of the publishers and further punish them if what they published is truly different from what NaCCA had approved.

Source: pulsegh


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