Today, I am delving into the captivating subject of selecting a life partner. This thought-provoking topic has sprung to mind, and it’s astonishing how often many young adults fail to treat it seriously.

People frequently jump into relationships without considering the bigger picture. Whether someone is attractive, wealthy, or fills a specific void in their life, they’re deemed suitable.

Fourteen years ago, as a young and inexperienced man preparing for marriage, my father advised me to postpone the decision and wait a few more years until I turned 30. “Why?” I inquired.

My father’s response was a series of questions. Had I sought God’s guidance? Was marriage truly God’s perfect plan for me? Was I prepared for the lifelong commitment at my age?

At the time, his inquiries seemed perplexing, but their significance has since become evident.

I asked my dad about God’s perfect will in my marital journey. He delineated the permissive will, where God allows personal choices but doesn’t fully endorse them, and the perfect will, where God leads to the right person at the right time.

The perfect will means a marriage flourishes effortlessly. Challenges may arise, but they’re resolved without external involvement. The union remains strong.

“Why seek God’s guidance?” I questioned. My dad stressed the importance of divine guidance due to the complexities of merging two diverse backgrounds.

Fourteen years later, my father’s words still resonate. They began to make sense a year into marriage, and I’ve cherished them ever since.

Why bring this up? Because many youths rush into choosing life partners. This decision, often overlooked, carries dire consequences that can alter life trajectories and even lead to ruin.

Selecting a partner isn’t trivial; it shapes your future. Bad choices breed regret, depression, and secret struggles. Infidelity is no longer rare, and some young men start secret families.

So, let’s ponder. My advice to the young: don’t be swayed by fleeting attributes; seek lasting compatibility. We can’t choose our children’s gender, but we can shape their home environment.

Three years after vows, “I love you” fades. Sustaining a family requires more. Love doesn’t provide sustenance, education, or shelter.

Who is your partner? Can they weather life’s storms with you?

Amid challenges, can your marriage flourish without relying solely on “I love you”?

Seek qualities that endure. Beauty wanes, wealth fades, and possessions vanish. What remains is mutual support, enduring love, and everlasting commitment.

Beware the wrong partner; they can devastate, misguide, and lead to ruin. Choose wisely.

…to be continued.

Yours in reflection,
Elvis Washington (Kosivi Kosi Agyimanku)


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