Breaking gender stereotypes and fostering empowerment, more than 60 young girls recently trained in a comprehensive beginners auto workshop.

The training was organized by Nana Efua Serwaa Adusei, the driving force behind Shecanic, a mission aimed at inspiring young girls to pursue their passion for mechanics and car service design.


During a conversation with Ishmael Awudi, Adusei emphasized that the purpose of the workshop was twofold.

Firstly, it aimed to share essential knowledge in the field of auto mechanics, ensuring that these young girls acquire valuable skills.


Also, it aspired to empower these budding talents to pursue their dreams in the automotive industry, breaking the mold of gender norms.

The workshop marked a significant step towards creating interest and opportunities for women in the auto space. As more young girls are encouraged to explore their passion for mechanics, the future of the automotive industry could see a more diverse and inclusive workforce, making it a win-win for all.


This workshop not only imparted valuable skills but also opened doors to a brighter and more diverse future in the world of auto mechanics.

Source: Ishmael Awudi


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