The stakes are high for Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia in the 2024 presidential elections. The economist, a native of the Northern Region, became the incumbent NPP’s first-ever Northerner to lead the Akan-dominated party in an election. But, his chances are not that bright.

Sources close to Ghana News Guide–within the deepest corridors of the NPP– are worried about the future of Dr. Bawumia during and after the election. With the resignation of Alan Kyeremanteng, and with it, the massive exodus of his loyalists, sources say Bawumia’s political future just started to die.

Dr. Bawumia is competing against former President John Dramani Mahama. Mahama, whose political career spans decades of public service is confident of a clean sweep in the election. The NDC is confident of gaining back the hearts of Ghanaian voters, who may, say are disappointed by the performance of the Akufo-Addo/Bawumia administration.

Dr. Bawumia exchanged pleasantries with John Mahama at an event.

When Dr. Bawumia campaigned for power in the 2016 elections, the then-young and boisterous economist flew on the wings of economic liberalism, reducing taxes, tackling corruption, strengthening the power of the cedi, reducing inflation and the size of government. However, his administration’s records show he did the exact opposite.

Ghana News Guide has gathered that some party apparatchiks in the NPP are concerned about a possible massive defeat against Dr. Bawumia in the election. What happens after a defeated party could mean a possible disposal of the economic turned politician post-2024. And a likely return of Alan Kyeremanteng to save the day.

The 2024 election is expected to be one of the fiercest elections ever held in Ghana. Political analysts say a Mahama/Bawumia contest could mean a comparison of both’s performance while in office. For Dr. Bawumia, this could mean a lot of restitution and re-engineering of his political achievements, if there ever were any.

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