The Ashanti Region Nana OneTouch Movement, aligned with the New Patriotic Party (NPP), has applauded the Foreign Affairs Ministry, Hon. Shirley Ayorkoh for her boldness and selfless leadership demonstrated for Ghana in light of the corruption and illegal activities occurring at various passport offices within the country.

The energetic young men and women in the movement club have added that all state institutions should follow these steps to facilitate the growth and flourishing of our nation in all aspects.

They questioned how, despite the introduction of digitization, the public still has to endure stress and endure being stranded at the various passport offices, especially in the Ashanti Region.

They pointed out instances where a passport, which should be issued in less than a month or week, ends up taking seven to eight months. This delay occurs because the correct procedures were followed instead of resorting to shortcuts.

They strongly stated that this unacceptable situation must come to an end. They emphasized their vigilance this year in selecting the right person to lead the party and break the ‘8’ term limit. They expressed the view that a leader who does not take decisive actions to maintain discipline in the country is no longer needed.

The current generation has reached a point where they believe a disciplinarian is required to instill order within institutions and among public servants.

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They declared that this year, no amount of money from any leader can sway their decision in choosing the flag bearer for their party.”


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