One of the sponsors of the Anti-LGBTQAI+ “Promotion Of Proper Human Sexual Rights and Ghanaian Family Value Bill“ who doubles as a member of parliament for Ningo Prampram; Sam Nartey George has alleged that some persons in the NPP majority leadership are reaching out to sponsors of the bill to step down.

This follows the delay in taking the bill which has been at the second reading stage for quite some time now.

As scheduled Members were expecting it to be taken on Wednesday, December 6, 2023, under instructions given by the Rt. Hon. Speaker, S. K Alban Bagbin,yet it was not done.

Addressing the media after the August house had adjourned, the Ningo Prampram legislator while expressing their anger and disappointment said the Rt. Hon Speaker had told them that the consideration of the bill was going to be taken on the aforementioned day, with a reconfirmation for sponsors to be present, yet again it was not done.

“I have been calling the Chairman of the committee since 8 am he’s refused to pick up the call, neither return” he disclosed

Surprisingly, the ranking member of the Constitutional Legal and Parliamentary Affairs Committee, Ahiafor Benard Mr. Nartey stated was present in the chamber since 10 am, ready for them to take it.

“The speaker came in early this morning and indicated that he was going to take only one urgent question and then take the laying of papers and that there was a very important bill that has to be dealt with, but the speaker indicated that he had a meeting, hence when he called the first deputy speaker, he indicated to him and I state this on authority, to finish with questioning and proceed to take our bill” he explained

“In fact when the speaker went to his lobby, myself, Hon. Helen Ntosu and Hon. Dela Sowah followed up with the speaker to find out from him if the bill would be taken, once again he indicated that he had instructed the first deputy speaker to start the consideration and that when he finishes his meeting he was going to come back to complete the considerations today” he added

Their frustration he specifically stated is that this is not the first time this is happening nor the second time, but the third time that the speaker has given such instructions and it has been disregarded in his absence.

“We need to understand from the majority side what their issues with the bill are, we need to understand those who take the chair when the speaker gives instructions, what their opposition to the bill is “he demanded

Also, he emphatically disclosed that they are aware of people in leadership on the majority side who are reaching out to sponsors of the bill, asking them to step down the bill.

“Is that why the majority side is fighting against the bill, the excuse given today that the chairman of the committee is not in the chamber so we can’t take the amendment is alien to the practice of this house because the ranking member was present” he lamented

He went on to question why a ranking member can move government business and a private bill cannot be moved by a ranking member when the sponsors say they are comfortable with the ranking moving the bill, only for the person in the chair saying the bill cannot be moved because the chairman is not available.

“the chairman has intentionally stayed away” he accused

That notwithstanding, he reiterated their zeal to keep fighting and warned that the next time they address the media, he will mention names.

“I have been impressed upon by my co-sponsors not to mention names and it is out of respect for them that I’m not mentioning names, but if they continue with this behavior of frustrating the bill I will” he cautioned

By: Mary Quartey


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