Daasebre Boamah Darko II, the Omanhene of Akyem Kukurantumi and Adontehene of Akyem Abuakwa Traditional Council, has destooled four of his sub-chiefs, citing betrayal and misconduct within the palace.

Addressing the press on Thursday, February 15, 2024, Daasebre Boamah Darko II announced the removal of Sanahene Nana Kwasi Okyere Kwakye, Ankobeahene Nana Amoa Oduro, Ankobeahemaa Ohemaa Nipaa, and Kyidomhene Nana Asare Bremang from their positions of authority.

The chief accused Sanahene Nana Kwasi Okyere Kwakye of unauthorized land sales and financial impropriety, alleging that he pocketed proceeds from land transactions without informing the palace. Additionally, Sanahene was implicated in the unauthorized enstoolment of a chief and collaboration with external parties to undermine the authority of the palace.

Ankobeahene Nana Amoa Oduro faced similar allegations of collaborating with dissenting factions to disrupt the chief’s reign, including involvement in unauthorized land sales and supporting demonstrations against the palace. Ankobeahene’s purported refusal to retract derogatory statements against Daasebre Boamah Darko II further contributed to his removal from office.

The Ankobeahemaa, along with Ankobeahene, was relieved of her position for complicity in the aforementioned misconduct.

Daasebre Boamah Darko II emphasized that such actions of betrayal and insubordination could not be tolerated in his kingdom, and as a consequence, the destooled chiefs are barred from holding any chieftaincy positions within his jurisdiction.

Daasebre Boamah Darko II
Daasebre Boamah Darko II

The chief urged the dismissed sub-chiefs to return all palace property in their possession promptly. He warned of severe repercussions for anyone who defied the decree.


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