The three-day music and cultural event takes place at the National Theatre from March 6–8.

The event is anticipated to stimulate the economy by drawing in investors and influencing the local producers, content creators, and service providers by giving them a platform to showcase their inventiveness.

Additionally, it will help the government revitalise the entertainment, arts, and cultural sectors, promote tourism, and increase consumer trust in Ghanaian-made goods.

Organised by Ceejay Multimedia, the goal of the Akwaaba Festival is to showcase Ghana’s rich and varied traditions and culture in a distinctive way. The three-day event is expected to draw over 10,000 attendees.

The festival, which is being held in partnership with the Ghana Tourism Authority (GTA) and the Musicians Union of Ghana (MUSIGA), aims to raise awareness of Ghana’s rich cultural heritage and musical heritage.

The celebration begins on Wednesday, March 6 and features a variety of activities including food bazaars, local beverages, traditional textiles and fashion accessories, and exhibitions and sales of Ghanaian art and crafts.

A wide variety of events are planned for the festival, such as a food bazaar, traditional fabrics, accessories, local drinks, and the sale and display of Ghanaian art and crafts.

The Musicians Union of Ghana is organising a free two-day music event that will witness performances from some well-known Ghanaian performers.

The musical event aims to establish the largest platform in the industry to coordinate the efforts of the artistes, promote Ghanaian music both domestically and internationally, and unite important stakeholders in favour of Ghanaian music.


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