Kudus Mohammed is set to make a return to the Matchday squad after a prolonged absence due to a debilitating injury.

The Kudus bandwagon have been eagerly awaiting the comeback of their star player, whose skills and presence were missed during Black stars loss to Cape Verde.

Having spent weeks in rehabilitation and rigorous training sessions, The West Ham attacker has displayed remarkable resilience and determination in overcoming the hurdles of recovery. The medical staff and coaching team have closely monitored the player’s progress, ensuring a cautious approach to ensure a full and sustainable return to match fitness.

Fans are buzzing with excitement, and anticipation is reaching a fever pitch as the news of Kudus’s inclusion in the squad spreads. The talismanic player’s return is expected to inject a much-needed boost of confidence and inspiration into the team, potentially turning the tide for the struggling side.

As the matchday approaches, the anticipation and excitement among fans are palpable, with hopes high that Kudus’s return will mark the beginning of a positive and transformative chapter for the Stars.

The stage is set for a memorable comeback, and all eyes will be on Kudus as they step back onto the pitch, ready to reclaim their role as a linchpin for the team’s success.

Source: Good Evening Ghana


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