Chief coordinator of the Tema motorway construction, has given assurance, that the ongoing rehabilitation works will be completed latest, Monday.

Speaking to Joynews, he indicated that maintenance is a process that wouldn’t allow a specific day to be given.

According to road users, traffic jam caused as a result of works is a headache, and government must pay attention to the motorway to ensure correct measures are in place to release drivers from the stress.

Sharing their plight, some of the road users lamented, they have been in traffic for hours which is hectic, unhealthy and a drain on their fuel.

They are therefore pleading with the government to ensure adequate measures to mitigate the traffic jam caused by the construction.

Portions of the Accra-Tema Motorway is currently under maintenance works in a bid to ensure that parts of the highway that are delapidated are properly mended. Work commenced on Monday or a little before that, and this has caused heavy vehicular traffic this week.


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