Comedian DKB has given updates on the Sunday evening accident at Kasoa, Kotokroba Junction, involving fellow comedian Funny Face.

DKB, in a video posted early Monday morning, gave two critical updates on the accident, which has left five people hospitalized.

He confirmed that police swiftly came to the scene and prevented Funny Face from being lynched by the crowd, and also that none of the victims had died, as was initially feared.
“All I can say is thanks to the Ghana Police for coming to the scene quickly; else he would have been lynched, and also, nobody is dead,” he said in the video.

DKB said he rushed to Kasoa to investigate the matter and see how fellow comedians and other celebrities could help.

Funny Face is reported to have rammed his car into a woman and her two children and, in the process, hit two motorcyclists also.

All victims have been sent to health facilities in the region.
The police have yet to issue a statement on the development.


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