In 2021 Adisadel College welcomed one of the oldest students ever in its institution. Richard Opanin who was then 32 enrolled in Adisadel College 17 years after completing junior high school with so many attempts.

A 32 years old gains admission to his dream school.

Richard’s educational journey was far from conventional. After completing junior high school, he faced numerous challenges, including spending 17 years at home and attempting senior high school elsewhere. He initially completed Sammy Otoo Senior High School but, unsatisfied, decided to go back and write the Basic Education Certificate Examination (BECE) to fulfill his dream of attending Adisadel College.

Reflecting on his struggles, Richard said, “I faced many challenges before making it into Adisadel. I had to stay home for 17 years and attempt SHS somewhere else. I completed Sammy Otoo Senior, but since that wasn’t the school I wanted, I had to go back and write BECE so I could come to Adisadel, and here I am.”

Despite encountering a few difficulties on campus, Richard persevered, and his dedication paid off with outstanding academic results.

Richard also served as the Protocol prefect of the noble institution.

Now, Richard is reaching out to the general public for support to continue his tertiary education. Those willing to support can contact Ghana News Guide at 0200902652 or 0543998733 to extend assistance to this resilient graduate.

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IG = ROM32_89

FB= Richard Opanin Marfo.

Richard’s story serves as an inspiration, highlighting the power of determination and the pursuit of dreams against all odds.



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