When 20-year-old Hilda Obo Mbrah registered for the 2021 edition of the coveted ‘Kasanufo’ Public Speaking Training and Contest (KPSTC), she had no idea that she would emerge champion at the end of the program.

Hilda’s motivation to enrol on the KPSTC program was birthed out of self-introspection; she acknowledged that she was good at self-expression, but lacked the self-esteem and confidence that would propel her to be an excellent speaker.

She saw the KPSTC flyer on one of her class WhatsApp pages and felt it might just be what needed to achieve her goals.

Now, 23, Hilda is glad she joined the program, not only because she won but also because the trainers handled the sessions to her satisfaction.

“I think I missed one training session, but in all, I loved them all. I loved the trainers as well. Their expertise and how professional they were in delivering their best. From managing stage fright to emotional intelligence to audience analysis to presenting using slides and all,” she emphasised.

Hilda testifies that since she left the program, she now prepares better for her public speaking engagements, whether as an event MC or a Panel Moderator, as a CAMFED leader or in school and work presentations.

“I’m using what I learnt at my workplace and public speaking gigs. This is my first time working in a physical corporate space and I’ll say it’s a steady growth. During my internship days, I applied it [the speaking skills] during my interviews, meeting with clients and presenting on behalf of my team,” she said.

Ms Obo Mbrah admits that winning ‘Kasanufo’ was the divine sign she needed to take bold steps.

“After winning, I also had a strong urge to build myself and my brand as well because I felt I could do more,” she said with gleaming pride in her eyes.

Since her victory in 2021, she has worked with Melanin Kapital, a Kenyan Climate Fintech Company, and Wordsculpt Consult, a writing consulting. She also taught at Forces Senior High, one of the nation’s few military-based schools.

Additionally, she has moderated panels at the Ghana Bloggers’ Summit for two consecutive years, hosted events for her faculty when she was at the UniMAC Institute of Journalism, and has emceed pageants.

Hilda is currently a graduate of the UniMAC Institute of Journalism where she earned a bachelor’s degree in Public Relations. She now works as a Development Representative with Halges Financial Technology Limited -Korba.

In addition to public speaking, Hilda is a sign language interpreter. It is hence no surprise that she passionately urges youth to pursue more skills.

“My advice goes to continuing students especially. Take advantage of learning soft skills before you complete school. You may not see the results soon but it will eventually pay off if you take it seriously.”

Hilda says, “Public speaking is one of the skills you cannot skip because communication is at the centre of everything we do and plays a huge role in every facet of our lives.”

She is preparing for graduate school and hopes to read law after that.

Hilda urges all to take advantage of the EKMCC’s Kasanufo Public Speaking Training, because, according to her, “it will breed no regrets.”

The 6th Edition of the Kasanufo Public Speaking Training is open for applications. Interested persons can register at https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfxUdfE6WdWJuPI2uTxQGS5HhNjmlPlqmQnoueAxKfBBMNbKg/viewform or by calling texting Mawuse on +233 55 065 9417.


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